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How lucky we are to manufacture our products in clean, green New Zealand, a land largely free of congestion and pollution. New Zealand produces the best dairy products in the world, has a temperate climate, great soil, and abundant water supplies.


It was here that we got to work on a Lactoferrin Probiotics Modified Milk Powder, a convenient and wonderful source of nutrition which supports well-being and general health and can be consumed on the go!


Little Umbrella is a trusted and proven brand which gives your baby  the very best start possible. It gives them the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. Our formula is healthy, tasty and will help your little one become a robust, well-nourished child, ready to take on the world.


Little Umbrella is fast becoming New Zealand’s number one kids’ nutrition brand.




Here at Little Umbrella, we have big goals. We aim to become the number one child nutrition brand in New Zealand. To do that, we must first fully understand our customer. Thankfully, we share the same belief of every parent - to give your child the very best start possible.


We believe that parents have three very important jobs - to protect, to nourish and to provide. We’ll do our part by setting you on your way with Little Umbrella!


The team behind Little Umbrella have been in the manufacturing game since 1979. In those 40 years, we’ve crafted and created products which go a long way to promoting a healthy society.


Lactoferrin Probiotics Modified Milk Powder is a perfect example, a modified milk powder which also acts as a supplement, supporting the maintenance of a healthy immune system, digestive and gastrointestinal health.


We want to give you the best product and the ultimate customer experience. We export our products globally and every step of our manufacturing process not only meets but exceeds, domestic and international statutory requirements. We use only the top quality natural resources and the quality of our products is always guaranteed.




2024 Monde Selection Grand Gold Award
The "Oscar Award" in the quality field

10 patents for lutein esters
Patented Microcapsulating Technology

3 patents for Albion®Zinc

Patent for lactoferrin powder
Certified by the Australian Government Intellectual
Property Center

Brand Honours
Patents & Awards

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